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Michael Hyatt on Things Taking Time

Feb1712In Smart Passive Income, episode 93, Michael Hyatt talks about his journey from CEO to blogger to successful blogger.

Hyatt says that it took four years for him to get 1,000 blog subscribers.  (7:00) and that a common failure point of people who are starting out is that they have an inability to persist. (27:00)

This refrain is similar to what Dan Andrews writes about in his 1,000 Day Rule;

You’ll be doing worse than you were at your job for 1000 days after you start your muse business. I’ve seen it happen a bunch of times. For many of us it’s been almost exactly those 1000 days it took for us to get back to the level of income we enjoyed in our corporate days.

Stephen King wrote Carrie on a typewriter that he rested on his knees in a double-wide trailer.  Steven Pressfield faced similar challenges, what did he do to combat them?  In an Art of Manliness interview, Pressfield says to “put your ass where your heart wants to be.”  If you want to be a writer, you write, if you want to make sales, you make calls.  You need to take the actions required to do it.

In Manage Your Day-To-Day Pressfield outlines three steps that anyone has to take. Step one is doing something productive for one hour.  Step two is doing it for another hour, for another day, for another year.  There is no short-cut, no bypass.  Step three is crossing a finish line, like hitting 1K in revenue for a month.

If your project takes time, then your time becomes more valuable, are you using it wisely?