There is enough great information available in podcasts and books to give you what you need for that next step.  This quote from Good Will Hunting has always stuck with me, “you dropped 150 grand on a fuckin’ education you could have got for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library”.  You don’t need to work for an MBA, you just need to be willing to work.

At Business PodClass, we’re going to explore the topics and conversations of today’s business leaders.  We’ll examine what they’re saying, why they’re saying it, and who else said that.

We’re also going to be building up some library late charges.  We’re diving into books beyond just blogs and podcasts.  This site will educate you beyond what you’re hearing.  If the podcasters are the professors, then I’m your TA, helping you figure out why everything makes sense.

My name is Mike and I run Business PodClass.  I remember listening to podcasts in 2008 when our daughter was born.  Every evening at seven she would start to get fussy and I would grab my iPod and take her into our bedroom to bounce her while I listened to podcasts.  As I calmed her down I started to think more and more about businesses.

Since that day I’ve started over a dozen websites using the information I was learning.  Most of them failed and I went crawled back to the safety of the drawing board.  Eventually I realized that failure is part of the process.  That businesses don’t get traction, but in failing to do so you learn what to do.  It’s like the sixty year old you telling the sixteen year old you how to drive.

The people feature on this site are those wise elders.  They’re the ones who have been down the path and have come back to walk along with us.  It’s their wisdom, written and spoken that the foundation of this site is constructed with.  My role then is to hang the shutters and run the wiring.  When someone says that you need to make daily progress I’m going to remind you why that’s important psychologically and then give two more examples.

Business PodClass participates in the Amazon.com Affiliate program.  This means that when you go to Amazon.com from this site and buy anything I will earn a small comission, though your price is the same.


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